Pizza in Japan

Pizza in Japan

I had bought a pizza from Dominos here in Japan. First, I should point out the variety of pizzas that they have. Ranging from “corn and mayo” to “seafood” to Kalbi beef.

I got the Kalbi beef. Medium.  First thing you should be aware of….Pizza is NOT cheap in Japan. This is the size of the medium using my hand as a measure. Either I have absurdly large hands or the pizza is in fact tiny. This tiny fucker below was about $30 USD.


They did not screw me in amount of pizza….I was just REALLY fucking hungry….so I ate most of it. This is the next day when I remembered to take a picture.

Anyway, I think the best way to show you the size by holding one of these massive bad-boys in my hand:


Tiny! Perfect for Trump’s hands.

I will say though, it was delicious. I had garlic added as well. I will try some of the other flavours too.

Lovely lunch on a dreary Saturday 

Lovely lunch on a dreary Saturday 

To be fair, it started out pretty nice out. But now it is a shitty “I can’t decide if I want to rain or not” sky.
I had just seen 3 places to live and were ok. (btw, I went house hunting in the 吉祥寺と三鷹 area).  I’ll write about those later. This is about the lunch I had at the Shibuya Tokyu Hands. If you ever go…go to the 7th floor cafe. It’s awesome.

Order the Pork Ginger set. It looks like this when you finish it:

Fucking delicious, right?!??

Oh hai ladies!

Oh hai ladies!

Alright. I went to a cafe in the morning before my first full day of work on Tuesday. Cute little place right over by the temporary housing in Azabujuban.

There were people sitting sporadically.


So I sat next to the two ladies, who put two tables together and had more room between them and I.

They stopped dead-cold mid conversation and stared at me as I quietly sat down. Everyone else was on their phones except myself and these two lovely ladies. I looked over and they looked me up and down. Super angry looking.


Well kids, I have learned back in 田舎館村 that as obvious as it is for you to see they are staring, they may actually not fully realise they are staring. So, instead of saying “WHAT?!”, a simple “おはようございます” will generally do the trick.  It does two things for you:

  1. Let’s them know that you know some Japanese so they are less likely to talk about you in front of you. But let’s be real…..they WILL talk about you at some point. Just be you and pay no mind to it.
  2. It let’s them know gently that you see them and you see them watching you. It is friendlier, and makes you look less like an asshole.

I enjoyed my breakfast of scrambled eggs, sausage, and tea. This is what my food looked like when I was done:


So goddamn delicious, yo.