Hair salon

Hair salon

Every time I go to the hair place I feel awesome that I’m going to get my hair cut and know I will feel fresh and new. 

Then they put on the bib thing.

I end up leaving fresh, but confused…

It’s getting old, folks…

It’s getting old, folks…

I am at the station decompressing from a trip to IKEA. It’s not the lines, it’s the complete lack of consideration for others combined with arm-in-arm walking through slooooowly. 

Ok…fine. But dammit do we have to add in the cell-phone-slow-walkers?!?

I will say….I have found a way to get the to move or pay attention (if they are the cause of congestion)….just blow a puff of air on their head. Just a sigh worth. Just enough for them to know they are in the way and to pay attention.

Don’t be a fucking creepster tho. Do NOT:

  • Blow hard on them like you are blowing out a candle. These are people…no matter how annoying they may be
  • Don’t do this if there is a clear way around. If it’s just you and them….. don’t try to teach them a lesson, that just makes you a raging douchebag.
Coconut water

Coconut water

I walked over to shinjuku 三丁目to get a couple art things. I found a store that sold some foreign stuff much cheaper than the nisshin place (but not the right cheese). 

I found this delicious looking drink:

Totally innocent enough until you see it from the top:

You can’t fool me you sneaky bastards.