Pizza in Japan

Pizza in Japan

I had bought a pizza from Dominos here in Japan. First, I should point out the variety of pizzas that they have. Ranging from “corn and mayo” to “seafood” to Kalbi beef.

I got the Kalbi beef. Medium.  First thing you should be aware of….Pizza is NOT cheap in Japan. This is the size of the medium using my hand as a measure. Either I have absurdly large hands or the pizza is in fact tiny. This tiny fucker below was about $30 USD.


They did not screw me in amount of pizza….I was just REALLY fucking hungry….so I ate most of it. This is the next day when I remembered to take a picture.

Anyway, I think the best way to show you the size by holding one of these massive bad-boys in my hand:


Tiny! Perfect for Trump’s hands.

I will say though, it was delicious. I had garlic added as well. I will try some of the other flavours too.


2 thoughts on “Pizza in Japan

  1. Gosh when I lived in Japan last I could not afford it! I’d save a bit for an all you can eat Shakey’s pizza buffet. I still make pizza with mayo, corn and seaweed from time to time.


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