Owl Cafe

Owl Cafe

***If you are reading this on Facebook, please just go to the site linked here…I am pulling away from Facebook. If you want to comment, please comment on WordPress. Besides, WP shows ALL the pictures I post***

I have been in my new apartment less than a week (actually sleeping here), but yet it feels like months. I bought furniture last weekend and it will arrive on Thursday of this week. Then folks are coming over on Saturday to put it all together.  I have been trying to clean up any put away things I can put away as I am waiting for all my furniture to come. (not many pieces, just the necessities).

HOWEVER….each weekend, I would like to go somewhere or do something that is a bit outside my comfort zone. This could be going to a museum, into a restaurant I would not normally go into….or, visit the Owl Cafe.

I went here and at first felt a bit bad for the owls. However, when the owner took the owls out, it was CLEAR how much these owls loved her…..and loved being scratched on the face. She knew all the ins and outs of each of these owls and they adored her as much as she adored them.

So, here is how it goes….

  1. You order a drink (all drinks and instructions are in Japanese, so good luck, folks). I ordered a Mint Cocoa. It was fucking amazing. And she drew an owl on it.

owl coffee

2. Then you are asked if you want an owl that allows pets or an owl to just stare at you…. I chose an owl I can scratch.

She gave me this asshole:

Owl 1

He started at me like this pretty much the whole time if I did not pet him. He knows what he is doing. His name is Ko-somethingorother….. Let’s call him “Oh Dear God”.

ODG loves pets…


And he has big fucking claws.

3. You have an hour and you can ask to change birds if you want. So I asked for a change for the shit-n-giggles.

I got this bastard:


That’s right….I’m wearing a glove. He just looks like a grumpy little butthole, but he was one of those guys that when you pet their head they smile at you….smile not pictured.

Anyway, I showed ODG a picture on my phone of Nacho…..and this guy cocked his head back, and widened his eyes a little more….and looked at me like I offended him. That was about the time I said “I’d like to change birds, please”….

If you get the chance to go to an owl cafe, please do. I know, I know….but they are supposed to be free….I get it. However, some of them have been in captivity and are not able to go back out into the wild. These guys are very well taken care of and they love the owner as much as she loves them. Plus, they will let you know clearly if they want to be pet or not.



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