Getting my Engrish on

Getting my Engrish on

**if you are reading this on Facebook, please just go to the link of WordPress…I am peeling away from Facebook (except messenger) slowly and am updating largely through my blog. Comments welcome on the blog**

Alright….I went to Sunshine City on Saturday and found some simply AMAZING Engrish.

I seems hard to find these days, but here we go….

mysty woman

I was hoping for a sister store nearby called Saucy Bitch.

prego zero

I think we have found a really good Abortion Clinic name….rough and relax

I feel this is supposed to be a cigarette brand….

And for the mother of them all…..Golden shower

I need to say absolutely nothing about this. Other than I laughed out loud the whole time I was taking the picture. I think everyone knew…..Side note: I put this on Instagram and my own mother asked if I went in to have a lemonade……My mother wins the world.


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