Moving into the new place

Moving into the new place

I left this morning to move into the new place…or at least start the process.  I will put up images of the apartment before all the crap in it. But here is a link to my instagram video of it.

The moving service helped me get registered with the local government office, so I don’t have to deal with that now.

Anyway, I got my stuff from the US delivered by one really old guy. Some of my clothing was not in boxes but still in the sealed bag I originally put them in. The gas guy came as well.

I had not been in the apartment even 3 hours when the NHK guy comes over. He asks how long I had lived there, and I told him less than 3 hours. He was surprised and asked if I have a TV. I showed him this:


And then challenged him to find one. He said he would come back some other time. *eye roll*

I thought my refrigerator and washing machine was going to come today, so I called Bic Camera, and asked for an English speaker, to which they had no one available. I went through and just worked up the confidence to just speak Japanese….and found out that I actually asked for delivery on Sunday. Perfect for me!!! I hope that Nitori delivers early tomorrow….goddamn, I don’t want to be there all day with nothing to do……other than clean.

Anyway, I was texting with a friend and stopped over by a building so I could text without having to concentrate on walking. I turned my back to the building that is just diagonal from my new apartment. As I was typing, I heard a tapping on the window. I thought it was some bratty kid trying to get my attention.

Turns out it was an owl. This guy:


We started at each other for a while.

I’ll see you tomorrow, little buddy.


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