Headache and Nausea

Headache and Nausea

I walked the 20 min back to Koiwa Station and thought to eat there. My headache was so bad and I was dragging ass with these heavy-ass curtains.

I found Ito Yokado, but they had a crappy fast food place at the bottom.  There was Vive de France (or something) cafe that was filled with people. I tried going out the opposite exit…..I was too tired and my head was in so much pain that I could not bare going up and down escalators to find a place.  I found Yoshinoya. This is a neat little beef-bowl place. I ordered the Kalbi bowl that they were advertising. The first bit of beef was a bit sinew-y and chewy. I could not chew it enough, and there was nowhere to give it to the napkin gods….so I just swallowed it…..where it lived piled in my stomach for the WHOLE WEEKEND.

Anyway, I must have been hungry because I tore through it.



Anyway, I was now nauseous on top of the headache. Too much WAY too late. *whispers* I’m so sorry, body

I got on the train feeling faint so at my stop (5 stops) I got off and sat down. I overlooked this oddly familiar building. I was at 両国駅….which is known for Sumo. I was staring at the sumo tournament building. Rad. Ugh….still feel sick.

To get to my line to get home, because I was OBVIOUSLY not going to do any more shopping (still needed a fridge and a washing machine).

I got home, took two Excedrin Migraine (I love you). and slept for 3 and a half hours. Woke up and did stuff…talked to mom.


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