Getting my Fridge and Washer

Getting my Fridge and Washer

I went to Shinjuku Bic Camera to pick out a fridge and washing machine. The Tokyo Marathon was that morning, so there were not that many people in just yet.

I picked out a fridge and waited for someone to nervously look over at the foreigner wanting to purchase something…..


This guy was nice (tried to sell me everything on the planet including internet providers). So, we signed for the fridge and went to the washers. I picked one out and as he was getting the info, I saw a better one. He checked on availability and found out, I would not be able to get it before March 24th. I opened up the calendar on my phone and simply said in Japanese, “Yeah….I don’t have enough underwear to cover until then….” The reaction in quick sketch form:


*whispers* yyyyyeeeeeessssss…….

We continued with the previous washer….paid for everything and set up delivery….then I went to shop for a blow dryer…..


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