Oh man….I am using this Pet Express service to help handle the paperwork for my cat coming into Japan. Generally, they are good, but I have someone that is incredibly uncommunicative. Basically, the service does everything from scheduling pet hotels to picking up and taking your pet to the airport (within 25 miles…which we are WAY out of), and all that. It is a bit over $2000 for all that. We have the $300 service of handling paperwork.  They are SUPPOSED to tell us what we need and when.

Well, I turned in all the paperwork and they came back with a list of stuff that needs to happen and when. Problem was, there was a bunch of stuff on there that I had already done. I asked them to resend with the correct checked off bits. Nothing ever came.

Time passed and I was getting information in from the vet (titer test for rabies, etc.). I would send those documents and ask questions if they received it. Nothing. I would have to reply again and say “HELLO?!” And then I would get a reply.

I got my husband set up with a flight and paid for the cat to go on….sent everything to the Quarantine group in Narita and a copy to Pet Express. Quarantine acknowledged and said that I just needed a guarantor and then they would send the certificate of entry for the cat.

In the meantime, I have asked 3 TIMES for my contact at Pet Express:

  1. Send me the itemised list of things done, in process, and needs to be done
  2. Answer to WHO and WHEN do we fill out document A and C for the USDA certificate on the US end.


Reply: “HELLO?!”

She then sends a copy-paste of what their department said and I could get off any website on bringing a pet into Japan. THEN she says that the first rabies shot does not count.

I dun lost my shit.


I ended up writing her out of frustration (not anger) and repeated what I needed (see 1 and 2 above).

Nothing for 2 days.

Reply: “HELLO?!”

I then get a call from someone that is REALLY GOOD. I vented at her and she was calm and understanding…not one of those asshats that see someone is pissed and then further degrades the person by patronising them. Anyway, she was getting information piece by piece from the original contact. So, she was not getting all the info. I am sitting here panicking because I am not getting a fast response, and to get the rabies test takes time to set up, but more terrifying is the 180 day wait time.

Basically, from the time you give the second rabies shot to the cat, it takes 180 days to confirm that rabies is not in the cat’s system. So, when we gave the cat the rabies shot (December 14th), 180 days would be June 15th. If I go to Japan on June 1st, the cat would have to spend whatever remainder of the test in quarantine.  So, if I give the cat a rabies shot on Feb.20th…. 180 days would be August 18th. The cat would have to be in quarantine for 2.5 months. So, time is money, bitch. DO YOUR FUCKING JOB.


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