Vancouver, so far…

Vancouver, so far…

I am in the midst of trying to close my house and get ready for my move to Japan. I could get all the Notary Public done, but I can’t FedEx this goddamn paperwork to close. Luckily the title company is cool with me mailing it out on Friday.

I had a Japadog – a Japanese inspired hotdog and had the okonomi version. Basically an okonomiyaki on a hotdog. They put a shitload of katsuobushi on it and I smelled the elevator up as I took it back to my room. No less than two people asked if it was a Japadog. If you are in Vancouver….this is a MUST 

Stupid delicious.

I have had a good day learning about the new project I’ll be on and I have one more day to learn about the other. Then it is meeting up with a friend and heading back to California to then rush to finalize my visa stuff and head over to Japan.

To be honest, I seriously can’t wait to just be able to buy groceries and make my own damn meal. I am so tired of eating out. Anyway….so far I am feeling better about getting back into work after a couple months of incredibly slow times in the office. 


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