Bye, Facebook. Hellooooo blog!

Bye, Facebook. Hellooooo blog!

I had been using Facebook and Instagram to kind of help document for myself what I have been up to. So I can go back through to appreciate what I have done and been able to accomplish. However, with Facebook I have found I have run into a lot of issues recently and going into Facebook has been a complete time-vampire sucking the sweet soul as I “just go on to post something really quickly”.

5 Hours later….

…..aaaaaand now I am pissed at people because they just don’t understand, or they voted for Trump and are going on and on and on about how you have to respect the President, blah blah blah…. This was already irritating for me, but just compounded during the election. Then the comments and issues added up….

  • People would comment on how much worse/better they had it. All I did was post a fucking kitten hanging on a tree for dear life. “At least you don’t have an infant and an 8 year old!” Seriously…stfu.
  • People would go on a rant about a political candidate. I just posted a recipe for cake-in-a-fucking-mug. “Liberal cry-baby!” Oh god….stfu. Ctrl+alt+delete out of my life right now. I am fine with that.
  • Some people would comment on how much more they know just to show they know something despite only being exposed to said thing for a hot minute. “Oh man! I went to that cafe all the time!”…..dood, you were in Toronto Airport for 3 hours. …..staaaaahp.

I wanted to write about what I was up to without having to deal with the time-suck of Facebook and without the commentary bullshit. Though, I will have comments here, I will also unabashedly delete the fuck out of them if I don’t like them. Why? Because this is my goddamn page and if I don’t like it, it’s gone. Stupid simple. I could do that on Facebook, but then people get butt-hurt and I am not there for that. I do like my friends (especially after weeding out the racists, homophobes, and sexist assholes from the past Presidential campaign), and respect them, but FUCK…I don’t want to get into a goddamn debate every time I post an opinion. Sometimes, I seriously just want to post to remember shit later. Calm the fuck down.

If you have Facebook, you know it’s not super easy to go through and enjoy your history. Unless you are a hacker….then you likely know everything. Good for you.

Instagram is cool though. I like you. Not quite as robust as I would like….but I like ya.

However, I do find myself posting funny memes that I like to share, so those will go in the Facebook Dumpster. I will probably not be doing that here. But what the hell do I know.

So this is how I see this as of right now. I will do my initial post from up to this point and I will be doing little stories from my past as part of getting back into sketching and art. I have yet to think of a clever category….”Story time” seems appropriate, but already widely used. I will have a think on it.  I will update what is going on via mobile and all that to journal what is going on. Good times.  So let’s see where this goes from here. 🙂 Good luck to all of us.


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